Social research involves designing, formulating, implementing and managing research projects about people and issues that impact them, and aims to solve social problems. Jobs in this sector are most commonly found in University settings and involve assisting with established research projects.

Specific Job Titles

  • Research Assistants
  • Research Officer

Mandatory Qualifications

  • Minimum of Bachelor Degree in relevant discipline.
  • Core skills in the discipline of psychology.

Specific Job Titles

Research Assistants

In this role you assist social scientists in laboratory, survey, and other social research. This involves gathering, synthesising and interpreting data, assisting in writing publications, quality control, and data management, usually under the supervision of a research officer.

Research Officers

In this role you supervise and manage research projects. This involves research design, qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, communicating with team members, ensuring that projects are on schedule, and reporting progress to chief investigators and/or other committees.
(Note: Honours degree in a relevant discipline (e.g., Psychology) may be necessary).